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jungle lithograph

                       Jungle Printer,  Edition 50 Rives Grey BFK 22" x 30"

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Why Make Prints?

An artist must decide which methods are best suited to expressing or conveying a message. In most cases, however, the choice does not always follow a logical continuum.

In the 18th century, reproducing artwork using lithography allowed a wider audience to appreciate what was previously reserved for the cultural elite. Art for the proletariat became possible. It is the ability of the printmaker to print multiples of an originally created image that offers the broadest advantage to the artist-printmaker.

Printmaking is a hands-on process with technical demands. It is not a lonely discipline and the challenges of the techniques force the artist to become less self-absorbed in the lofty pursuit of art making. A printmaker is at once at home amongst the crude cast-iron presses and the communal atmosphere of the workshop environment.

"Ideas that begin my art making evolve from emotional responses to situations that generate a particular irony."

"The reality of my artwork must be subject to interpretation.."

Bob Tomolillo