Goatman Series Paintings 2009


Goatman trill and gawk he foul
Swept away on mainland trawl
Long he wept from sightmans she
Onto his vast undaunted sea
He wavered not from touchless tears
Outgrew his woesome backland fears
Beast but hands of kings he grew
Up to  his shine and altars new
Come here! She cried, i"ll show you where
But not until his soul was shared
And on his quest no umbrage claim
He traveled South then home again
Lauded kings moved past his gaze
All peaks and mountains shone his praise
the goatman's life,       
a kingsman's brew
Calm and outstretched arms he knew
Alone at once he sensed no past
Nor rued upon it everlast
And though he knew his calling not
the skytop ledge of gilding taught

Bob Tomolillo

Goatman 1 Oil 8" x 10"

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About the Goatman Series

The Goatman series was inspired by the artist's reflections on the Icelandic countryside and from the "EDDA", or tales of the Viking gods by Snorri Sturluson. The "Edda" served as a guidepost to understanding the natural mysteries and unpredictability of life in Scandinavia during the 13th century. The paintings are a tribute to the Icelandic landscape and a parody of the characters depicted in those fables.

Since Bob's first visit in 1978 and subsequent marriage to Anna Magnusdottir, he has embraced his Icelandic family and has come to understand  the sweet simplicity and vulnerability of a people bounded by the sea and controlled by the islands fissures and fractures.

The quest to reveal the secrets of the Icelandic culture served as a focus for painting these narratives and uncovered some personal insights during the process of discovery.